VIZ Software Consulting

Providing high quality IT services

Desktop development

We develop classic desktop standalone or client/server applications using Windows Forms or WPF.


  • Microsoft.NET
  • MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Porting from VB6/Delphi

Web development

We develop web sites and applications that look good both on FullHD screens and on tablets/smartphones using modern responsive techniques.

We have experience in high load sites with 50 000+ unique visitors per day running perfectly on a relatively weak hardware.

We support full stack of web technologies provided by Microsoft and Unix community.

Mobile development

We develop native mobile applications for Android and iPhone/iPad.

We carefully follow each platform design guidelines, so end users don't feel any discomfort when using the apps on their favourite platform.

We build rich platfrom independent server API which can be consumed from any mobile platform. This simplifies developement of the applications for multiple mobile platforms.

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