Required knowledge and experience:

  • General
    • University degree (Technical specialty)
    • Not afraid of dealing with lots of existing code.
    • Source control systems. Understanding concepts of branches, tags, and merges.
    • Experience working as part of development team, working with QA engineers, sharing code with other developers.
  • Databases (5+ years)
    • Fluent in core relational database concepts. Normalization, Primary and Foreign Key constraints, joins, views, subqueries.
    • Proficient in writing complex T-SQL queries. Stored procedures, table-valued functions, triggers.
  • Application programming on Microsoft .NET platform (5 years +)
    • Good Knowledge and experience in C#
    • WinForms, ADO.NET data access
  • English Level
    • Enough to write comments in code and tasks in bug tracking system

Nice to have:

  • SQL Server
    • Experience with analyzing query execution plans, understanding of indexes, join strategies, query optimization.
  • .NET
    • Web Services
    • Knowledge of Infragistics WinForms controls
    • Unit-Testing experience (NUnit or other frameworks)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • English Level
    • Spoken English
  • Web
    • .NET MVC, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Financial Field Background
    • Understanding of Financial/Trading terminology or/and working experience in finance related field





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