With expertise built upon an open platform of solutions and services, Brady's offering can improve business processes and assist organisations to achieve a higher level of business efficiency.

With the current trend for deregulation increasing the level of market competition and the rise in environmental awareness, the need to counteract margin compression and achieve greater efficiency is increasingly crucial. Brady Energy's solutions support electricity, gas and oil trading with sophisticated risk management capabilities. They enable all derivative contracts to be managed under the standard umbrella of the energy complex in a single streamlined process. Multiple trade types are supported including exchange futures and options, OTC commodity swaps, basis swaps and Asian options.

Brady's solutions offer up-to-the minute decision support and fast deal capture for all deal types. They have been specifically developed to cope with the needs of the fast-paced changes demanded by the energy markets. Key features include energy deal capture, half-hour granularity for electricity trading and new market price management for cross product risk. From raw materials to production of multiple end products, the entire transaction process can be managed from one easy-to-use interface.

Brady covers the following energy products: Power, Electricity, Gas, Emissions, Renewables, LNG, and LPG.

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